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CoopXgear worked diligently with numerous gear designers to produce our signature product designed to be small, compact, and rugged. Introducing the Steadfast E.D.C Pack. The Steadfast is designed to adapt the users everyday carry tools and equipment and orient them in a manner which fits their needs. Shop Now

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This is the Coopx Steadfast E&E pack. I have been carrying this pack for nine months as my contingency kit while working in the field. I am working on an actual review of the pack soon, but I am starting an album of photos of it here as well. All Coopx packs are 100% US Made, and very well constructed.

Brian Griffin

Gear designer/reviewer

GEAR REVIEW: Cooper Expedition Gear Steadfast E.D.C. Pack

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GEAR REVIEW: Cooper Expedition Gear Steadfast E.D.C. PackThe Cooper Expedition Gear Steadfast E.D.C. Pack is quite a unique piece of nylon gear that allows the user to configure tools and other survival items in one package. The Steadfast E.D.C is also very useful for many who will have the need to transition survival items often from Vehicle to Pack, LBE or to their person. I have tested this piece of equipment for the past five months and have worked different configurations based on my needs. What I can say is that this is a sturdy piece of equipment that can hold all my necessary gear in one package. I typically keep the E.D.C pack in my truck for emergencies but also take it with me when I have to go to ground. I can easily slip it into my pack or extend the E.D.C’s carrying strap and throw it over my shoulder. I personally carry in my E.D.C. the following:
John Hurth


Lots of Esee forum members had input into design changes…went from proto to production product

read about it here on the Esee forum.

Esee forum members

• Small medical pack
• All weather memo book
• Pencil
• Small cut out section of a VS-17 Panel
• Signal Mirror
• Lock Pick set
• ACR Whistle
• Silva Compass
• Electrical tape
• 50 + Ft of 550 cord
• Iodine Tablets
• Wet Fire Tinder
• Firesteel
• Swiss Army Knife
• MagLite Flashlight
• Spare Batteries
• Bic Lighter
• Diamond Sharpener
• Solar Blanket
• Weatherized copy of FM 21-76-1 Survival, Evasion and Recovery
• Platypus water bladder
• Three spare zip lock bags
• Three 8 hour Cyalume Light sticksAll these items stow away neatly in a small package. I highly recommend this piece of equipment for those who may want to organize their equipment in one package that can transition easily from your vehicle to a pack or on your person.

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