HDS Systems EDC Flashlights

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The light that gets you home

The perfect EveryDayCarry light robust and built to last a lifetime. CoopXgear is offering both the 120 and 200 lumen old new stock HDS lights. The 200 lumen model is the clicky style rotary. The 120 lumen model is the clicky style with the pocket clip.

The Rotary Model: 200 Lumen


EDC Rotary, 200 lumens, black bezel, raised button, 123

The EDC Rotary interface combines our Clicky-style interface with a rotary control to provide you the ultimate convenience in setting the desired brightness level – just turn the knob to select the desired brightness level. The EDC Rotary turns on to whatever brightness level is selected by the rotary control so you can select your brightness level before you turn on your flashlight. Press and hold for Maximum, double-click for the Emergency Strobe and triple-click for Tactical Strobe. Maximum is always directly available, even from off. The strobes can be used for marking your location, signaling for help or warning traffic.

The Tactical Model Clicky: 120 Lumen


EDC Tactical, 120 lumens, black bezel, raised button, 123


The EDC Tactical flashlight features two momentary operation modes – one with Maximum output and one with Tactical Strobe – for those tactical situations that require “flash and dash” techniques. You also have convenient access to any brightness level from bright to dim using a rotary dial and a click on/off interface – for the more mundane tasks such as filling out paperwork or investigating a crime scene. Access to full tactical is instantly available using only gross motor skills – even with heavy gloves or in a noisy environment – when things must be simple and just have to work.



HDS Systems has been pioneering flashlight technologies since the advent of white LEDs in 1997 to create our best-of-class products. Our flashlights can be customized to fit your particular needs, even as your needs change over time. And our flashlights are small enough to carry with you at all times. A flashlight is only useful if you have it with you when you need it.


Protect your EDC hds light with a CoopXgear knife and light insert.



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200 Lumens, 120 Lumens


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